Crypto & NFT - Cannabis Shop Phuket.

We are excited to introduce our unique smoke and earn concept, where customers can earn promotions and cashback when using crypto payments in our shop. Our shop accepts multiple crypto currencies such as EGLD, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more as a method of payment for our wide selection of marijuana, weed and ganja products.

To get started, customers need to download a cryptocurrency wallet on their phone and set it up to store the crypto currency they want to use. Once the wallet is set up, customers can use it to make purchases in our shop, and earn rewards and discounts on future purchases. Our shop also utilizes blockchain technology to ensure that your transactions are secure and transparent.

With our tokenized shop, customers will have control over their transactions, and all transactions will be recorded on blockchain, providing an additional layer of security. We believe that our tokenized shop will provide a more convenient and secure experience for our customers.

Receive an immediate 5%discount on your order when you pay in cryptocurrency.

Receive 10%cashback when using the xPortal Walletto make an EGLD payment.

GreenGarden is a contributor of the GhostVerse DAO. Own 5 MxGhosts NFTs and earn EGLD passive income.

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