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THC Brownie Edible

1 piece




Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Dark chocolate, Sugar, Cannabutter, Eggs, Flour

250 THB

6 in stock
Introducing the ultimate indulgence for cannabis lovers, our Brownie Space Cake made with OG kush marijuana butter, Switzerland flour and Belgium chocolate. This delicious treat is the perfect way to enjoy the full benefits of marijuana in a delectable and decadent form. Our Brownie Space Cake is made with only the finest ingredients, including premium OG kush marijuana butter, which is known for its strong and relaxing effects. The Switzerland flour and Belgium chocolate add a rich and indulgent flavor to the brownie. Each bite of this heavenly treat will transport you to a new level of taste and relaxation. Perfect for any occasion, from a special treat for yourself or as a gift for your friends, this Brownie Space Cake is sure to be a hit.
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