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C-Vibez Strain

Sativa 60%




Euphoric, Energetic, Creative


Pain, Insomnia, Stress

C-Vibez is a fast-flowering hybrid cannabis strain that's highly sought after for its dense, aromatic buds that grow quickly to maturity. With an average height of about 1.0m - 1.5m, this strain takes only about 8 weeks to finish blooming its rock-hard flowers. C-Vibez is a heavy yielder with an exceptional terpene profile, and most of these high-quality feminized seeds turn into short, green plants. About 30% show some color, ranging from purple to pink. This strain is the result of Mad Scientist genetics, accompanied by some outstanding Voodoo genetics. Voodoo is a massively potent original Dutch Passion Thai strain, responsible for the strong stone that consumers will experience while vaping or smoking the end result. Despite being an indica-dominant variety, C-Vibez offers remarkable fruity/lemony hints in the taste, especially when being burned. It's worth noting that C-Vibez has deliberately not been bred to full stability, which ensures a rich selection of seriously high-quality phenotypes with the vigor usually encountered in F2's and F3's. This makes C-Vibez a unique and exciting strain to cultivate and experience, with a potent and flavorful smoke that's sure to please even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts.
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