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Tangerine Dream Strain







Energetic, Uplifted, Happy


Stress, Pain, Depression

Tangerine Dream is a sativa-dominant strain renowned for its multifaceted effects that can potentially alleviate pain and provide a boost of energy. This remarkable strain, developed by the esteemed Barney's Farm, is the result of crossing G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze. With a primary focus on meeting the therapeutic needs of medical patients, Tangerine Dream has been meticulously bred to offer a well-rounded experience. However, it's worth noting that overconsumption of this strain may lead to a sedating couch-lock effect, making it best suited for those seeking deep relaxation. One of the standout qualities of Tangerine Dream is its ability to uplift the spirit and induce a euphoric state of mind. Alongside its mental invigoration, this strain also excels at providing physical relaxation, making it a popular choice for those looking to unwind and relieve muscle tension. The captivating citrusy aroma of Tangerine Dream further enhances the overall sensory experience, leaving a delightful impression on the senses. In terms of cultivation, Tangerine Dream typically undergoes a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, allowing growers to anticipate the development of its resinous buds. The vibrant combination of genetics in this strain contributes to its unique profile, offering a harmonious blend of fruity flavors and earthy undertones. Whether seeking a rejuvenating boost or therapeutic relief, Tangerine Dream stands as a testament to the incredible potential of cannabis breeding, consistently delivering a satisfying and aromatic journey for enthusiasts and medical users alike.Source
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