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Green Ghost - Tokenized Cannabis Shop - GhostVerse MxGhosts NFT DAO

Crypto Weed Shop - Relax & Earn.

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Join the new generation in love for weed, art and crypto.

Green Ghost is a contributor to the GhostVerse DAO, providing exclusive privileges to NFT holders as members of the Ghost Clan.

MxGhosts pixel and voxel NFTs holders receive a 31
discount and
cashback on all orders, in addition to earning passive income in
on MultiversX blockchain.

Looking to get your hands on a unique Mr. Ghost NFT

Head over to MxGhosts and keep an eye out for our upcoming public sales or purchase one on the secondary market. Make sure to follow our links to avoid scams.

New to the world of blockchain and NFTs

Install xPortal Wallet on your phone and join the revolution.
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